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Would you like to delve deeper into a specific topic? We would like to offer you workshops where you can learn new things about virus bioinformatics. Let us know your interests so we can shape our upcoming workshops accordingly!

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Nanopore Sequencing Workshop

Dates: 26. — 28. April 2023
Location: Jena, Germany

This workshop is offered by the Bioinformatics Core Facility Jena.

Preliminary outline:
Day 1 (Introduction): Details about the Nanopore sequencing technology and a general overview of sequencing approaches.
Day 2 (Sequencing): Introduction and specifics about sample (DNA/RNA) extraction and library preparation, and a demonstration of a sequencing run and real-time analysis during sequencing.
Day 3 (Data analysis): Introduction to the command line and Bash as well as installation and configuration of the needed software tools using Conda. Base calling, read quality control, read processing, read mapping, genome/transcriptome assembly, and modification calling

ICTV/EVBC Workshop on Automating Virus Taxonomy

Dates: 31. July — 02. August 2023
Location: Jena, Germany and online

This summer, the EVBC (European Virus Bioinformatics Center) and the ICTV (International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses) are organizing a Workshop on Automating Virus Taxonomy in Jena, Germany.