This schedule is preliminary and subject to change.

Thursday, March 5th

09.30 am Welcome | Volker Thiel, Philippe Lemercier, Manja Marz
Morning Session: Viral metagenomics and ecology
09.45 am Viral ecogenomics: exploring viral diversity and virus-host interactions from metagenomes | Simon Roux
10.15 am
10.45 am Coffee break
11.30 am
11.50 am
12.10 pm
12.30 pm Lunch break
Afternoon Session: Viral infections and immunology
02.00 pm Toward the clinical virome: High-throughput analysis of viral metagenomic data from Illumina and Nanopore reads | Tulio de Oliveira
02.30 pm In depth transcriptomic analysis of the innate immune response against viral infections | Daniel Blanco Melo
03.00 pm Coffee break
03.45 pm
04.05 pm
04.25 pm
04.45 pm EVBC meeting and board election
Evening Session
05.30 pm Poster Session

Friday, March 6th

Morning Session: Virus evolution and classification
09.30 am Computational methods to monitor and inform experimental evolutionary studies in virology | Marco Vignuzzi
10.00 am
10.30 am Coffee break
11.15 am
11.35 am
11.55 pm
12.15 pm Lunch break
Afternoon Session: Proteome and RNAome of RNA viruses
01.45 pm Recent Advancements in Comparative Genomics of RNA viruses | Sasha Gorbalenya
02.15 pm Computational methods for identifying functional RNA structure features | Irmtraud Meyer
02.45 pm Coffee break
03.30 pm
03.50 pm
04.10 pm
04.30 pm Discussion & Best Poster / Talk Awards
05.00 pm Close