The programme is preliminary. There might be further changes.

All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Thursday, October 8th

Watch the recordings online.

10.00 am Welcome | Volker Thiel, Philippe Lemercier, Manja Marz
10.30 am COVID19 News | ​Volker Thiel
Morning Session: Proteome and RNAome of RNA viruses
Session Chair: Philippe Lemercier
11.00 am Recent Advancements in Comparative Genomics of RNA viruses | Sasha Gorbalenya | REMOTELY
11.30 am Computational methods for identifying functional RNA structure features | Irmtraud Meyer | REMOTELY
12.00 pm Coffee break
12.45 pm Expanding Diversity and Molecular Biology of RNA Viruses | Ingrida Olendraite | REMOTELY
01.05 pm Using ribosome profiling (RiboSeq) as a tool to analyse virus gene expression | Georgia Cook | REMOTELY
01.25 pm Lunch break
Afternoon Session: Viral metagenomics and ecology
Session Chair: Alban Ramette
03.00 pm Metagenomics analyses of West Nile Virus Outbreak samples from Germany | Pauline Dianne Santos | REMOTELY
03.20 pm viromeBrowser: A Shiny app for browsing virome sequencing analysis results | David Nieuwenhuijse | REMOTELY
03.40 pm VirION2: enabling low-input, long-read viromics | Olivier Zablocki | REMOTELY
04.00 pm Coffee break
04.30 pm Unsupervised clustering of nanopore reads produces thousands of complete phage genomes from marine samples | John Beaulaurier | REMOTELY
05.00 pm Viral ecogenomics: exploring viral diversity and virus-host interactions from metagenomes | Simon Roux | REMOTELY
Evening Session
Session Chair: Ronald Dijkman
05.30 pm Poster Session

Friday, October 9th

Watch the recordings online.

Morning Session: Virus evolution and classification
Session Chair: Manja Marz
09.30 am Leveraging high-throughput sequencing data to investigate viral diversity | Niko Beerenwinkel | REMOTELY
10.00 am Coffee break
10.30 am Parallel and scalable workflow for the identification and analysis of Phages in sequencing data | Mike Marquet | REMOTELY
10.50 am Re-assessing the diversity of negative strand RNA viruses in insects | Sofia Paraskevopoulou | REMOTELY
11.10 am Reducing haystacks to needles: Comparative genomics based on viral clusters | Kevin Lamkiewicz | REMOTELY
11.30 am Coffee break
11.45 am EVBC Annual Meeting: News and Updates
12.30 pm Lunch break
Afternoon Session: Viral infections and immunology
Session Chair: Volker Thiel
02.00 pm Imbalanced Host Response to SARS-CoV-2 Drives Development of COVID-19 | Daniel Blanco Melo | REMOTELY
02.30 pm Coffee break
03.15 pm Machine learning approach to predicting host taxonomic information from viral genomes: combining feature representations | Francesca Young | REMOTELY
03.35 pm Recombination networks and endogenous viral anchors for high-throughput host identification | Cormac Kinsella | REMOTELY
03.55 pm Single cell molecular dynamics in mice infected with West Nile virus | Neta Zuckerman | REMOTELY
04.15 pm Discussion / Best Poster and Talk
05.00 pm Close