February 22, 2021 – February 26, 2021 all-day

Identify the challenges, strategies and resources for multiomics data integration using biological examples.

The virtual course will focus on the use of public data resources and open access tools for enabling integrated working, with an emphasis on data visualisation. Working with public domain data can provide added value to data derived through a researcher’s own work and additionally  inform experimental design. This course is highly relevant in the current research scenario, where an increased volume of data across the whole spectrum of biology has created both more opportunities and challenges to identifying novel perspectives and answering questions in the life sciences. This course will focus on issues around data integration, but will not include systems biology modelling or machine learning approaches.

A major element of this course is a group project, where participants will be organised in small groups to work together on a challenge set by trainers from EMBL-EBI data resource and research teams. These will allow participants to explore the bioinformatics tools and resources introduced in the course and to apply these to a set problem, providing hands-on experience of relevance to their own research. The group work will culminate in a presentation session involving all participants on the final day of the course, giving an opportunity for wider discussion on the benefits and challenges of integrating data.

Applications deadline: 01 January 2021