December 6, 2018 – December 7, 2018 all-day
Cornelia Pokalyuk and Christel Kamp

Being highly dependent on their hosts viruses have evolved various strategies to coexist with them. For example, herpesviruses are capable to switch between states of latency and reactivation, and influenza viruses perform a permanent arms race with the immune systems of their hosts. The strategies of coexistence are reflected in different infection patterns, leading for example to lifelong host infections or short episodes of infection.
This workshop will bring together virologists and theoreticians to discuss which evolutionary models can be helpful to explain observed infection histories, and which medical consequences could result from these. The main focus will lie on infections caused by the cytomegalovirus, an ancient herpesvirus, and caused by bacteriophages, that is, viruses infecting bacteria.

If you would like to attend our workshop please register until November 30th by sending an e-mail to giving your name and affiliation as well as the days at which you would like to attend.